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Interactivity in Online Chat: Conversational Contingency and reaction Latency in Computer-mediated Communication

In conclusion, the literary works from old-fashioned interaction along with CMC shows that inordinate reaction latencies sustain negative social and expert attributions. The experiment that is current the level to which delays within an agent’s real-time chat responses affect the degree of social attraction observers attribute to a realtor, which often impacts satisfaction using the agent’s performance.

H1: a quicker reaction leads to more desirable perceptions of the responder when compared to a slow reaction.

H2: a quicker reaction leads to greater satisfaction than the usual slow response.

H3: a company whoever representative provides a faster reaction is felt to have a better relationship with clients than one whose agent responds with a slow reaction.

Content interactivity: contingency

Another quality of interactivity may be the known amount of contingency among message sequences. Rafaeli defined this facet of interactivity because the inter-relationship that is content-level of within a few utterances, so that find links this is of a declaration hinges on and relates implicitly to tips which were expressed in utterances ahead of those statements. Burgoon et al. dedicated to contingency as the utmost crucial content-related type of interactivity. Contingency, they stated, may be the level to that the meaning of one conversant’s communications be determined by the prior communications of a co-conversant ( Burgoon et al.). 1

Research on contingency in face-to-face interaction falls underneath the label of conversational coherence.

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