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Should You Obtain a Handbook or Automated Transfer Switch?


  • Most suitable choice for portable generators
  • Economical – manual transfer switches price a portion of the price tag on automated devices. If you were to think that you will be just planning to make use of the generator several times per year – finding a manual switch could possibly be an acceptable cost-effective choice
  • Easy installation – manual switches need even less work to set up helping to make them also cheaper to purchase and arranged while you won’t need certainly to spend that much cash on the time that is electrician’s
  • Just as the title recommends, each time there is certainly an electric outage, you will need to manually flip the switch to make the generator run your house. Nevertheless, flipping the switch is a rather simple task and doesn’t need any particular knowledge.


  • Made for standby generators
  • If you should be interested in a hand-free approach and want your generator to power your home up very nearly immediately without the need to mess around with all the transfer switch – the automated kind may be the right path to take.
  • Automated transfer switches help save you the trouble of experiencing to flip the switch every time there was a blackout. All you have to do is probably switch on the generator and you’re good to go.
  • An average automated transfer switch is normally higher priced compared to a transfer switch that is manual. You’ll want to think about if you are only expecting a few power outages a year whether you want to pay much more for the transfer switch. An excellent quality automated transfer switch can cost a lot more than 1,000 bucks which is much more as compared to cost of a significant portable generator!
  • Those forms of switches are usually made for whole-house standby generators and are also maybe maybe not probably the most recommended choice along with a portable generator if you intend to use it

My Verdict

If you want a transfer switch for the portable generator – opt for the manual transfer switch. It gives you better control over what is powered by a generator and what is not in case of an emergency while it might sound like a bit more of the hassle first. It is additionally a way more solution that is cost-effective.

Do i want whatever else to get in touch my generator?

Yet another accessory that is not at all times offered as well as a transfer switch is a charged cord.

It’s contained in the kit with almost all of the generator transfer switches. Nevertheless, you purchase the right type of power cord if you realize this is not the case, make sure.

For portable generators, it ought to be a 30 amp cord. You are able to tell the amperage by the wide range of male prongs – it ought to be 4.

Be sure to additionally just take the period of the expansion cable into consideration. If you’re intending to put your generator not even close to the transfer switch, an extended expansion cable is vital. Bear in my own head that people that are sold alongside the generator transfer switches are now and again quite brief.

Just how to install a manual transfer switch? Do i want a permit to put in a transfer switch?

We suggest employing an electrician that is certified perform the installing of the transfer switch.

Nevertheless, if you should be confident regarding your DIY skills, you should check out this comprehensive guide by electric Engineering Portal. It describes detail by detail what you ought to do when installing a transfer that is manual at your house.

Theoretically yes, you will need a license through the regional authorities whenever you install any permanent improvements to your dwelling. Generator transfer switches are not any exclusion.

Nevertheless, in the event that you employ an avowed electrician when it comes to installation, they are going to frequently manage to sort out of the licenses for you.

Simply how much does it are priced at to have an electrician put in a transfer switch?

The expense of employing an electrician can differ great deal according to in your geographical area, your property framework, etc. As a guideline, it must just simply take them around 3-4 hours to do the installation that is whole of transfer switch and price as much as $500.

It isn’t unusual though for home owners to pay for less than $200 for the entire put up. That is why it is a smart concept to opt for an accepted brand name such buy a bride online as for instance Reliance Control since many electricians understand these switches very well and that can install them quickly, helping you save cash on their work expenses.

What lengths can a generator be through the transfer switch?

There isn’t any fixed maximum for what lengths the generator are from a transfer switch. You should not have nagging issues placing it 60 – 70 foot far from the transfer switch.